Season 1

  • Episode 8: Scott Cam joins the boys for the final episode

    Yep ... it's the last show for the first series and its packed to the rafters with heaps of great yarns and DIY royalty Scott Cam joins the chat.

    DIY royalty and one of the most popular blokes in entertainment, Scott Cam joins the boys as they reflect on the days our dads just got on with the job at home themselves before we ever called it DIY. The boys celebrate people having a go ... despite how dodgy their DIY is. What about the nine inch grinder? Shane's joke of the week and a final classic epic fail which involves a lion, a perspex box and a car launch!

    • Episode 7: What the hell is DIY anyway?

      The boys share more funny yarns this week as they ask the tough question....what defines DIY?

      What's with the massive increase in second hand car costs? Steve tells us why! Shane's already made a 51% return on his new car investment! Special guest this week is professional stuntman ... Frosty, yep Frosty the stuntman. Frosty shares the story of how he gouged flesh from his thigh on the job (check out our Facebook page see the gruesome pic). You can hire a professional but it does not mean you get a professional job! Shane shares a fireworks yarn from his days as a fireworks professional. All that and more on this weeks ep!

    • Episode 6: They're back after a long hiatus!

      After a a bit of a hiatus working other gigs the band's back together raring to go!

      In this week's ep ... what does Steve Pizzati actually do for a living? And why did he end up in emergency? Shane shares his recent motorsports adventure and what's with his Monaro?

      Does the traditional car mechanical manual still have a place today in your garage? ANd special guest, actor Stephen Curry talks about 'man shacking’ ... what the?

    • Episode 5: Pimp my noodle ... what the?

      Packed with plenty of laughs as usual, the boys get a bit sentimental in this episode as they talk BMX’s and classic old cars: how much for a two-door Toyota Corolla?

      Plus we meet the one armed builder from Eildon and Shane interviews a good mate of his, Captain David Walter, who had the responsibility of building Australia's biggest ever navy ship, the HMAS Canberra. Now that's a DIY project!

      And the hack of the week...the art of using 2 minute noodles to repair almost everything!

    • Episode 4: It's 2021 ... time to get cracking on your next DIY project!

      In the first episode for 2021 the boys share what their their favourite gift was from Santa (Steve finally gets that pole saw he has always wanted), and the Shovel turns the clock back after he secures a new skateboard. Yes, we find out there is one thing faster than shit off a shovel and that's ... Shovel off a skateboard.

      Injuries seem to be a major theme over Xmas for the team. Find out why Shane is known as the ‘mono master’ and what happened with the Shovel and his hot glue gun. Plus ‘Joke of the Week’ and this ep's ‘Mitre 10 out of 10’ for effort story is about a bloke and his neighbour's wheel barrow.

    • Episode 3: It’s our DIY Xmas special!

      As we wrap up the year for the festive break Shane, Steve and the Shovel get right into the toughest question we all grapple with at Xmas - when is it too early to start putting up your Xmas decorations?

      Plus the boys discuss all the important aspects of a what makes a great DIY Xmas, some of the more common injuries experienced over Xmas, and what the hell is a self walking ladder? The evolution of the Oxy torch for one individual and the resultant epic fail are covered off, then find out what happened when one man finds a grenade in his back yard.

      But wait! There's more! The phenomenon in the US of blasting anvils, Shovel discusses his love for the tip as a kid, and Steve explains why many DIY'ers subscribe to the “I might need this one day’ theory.

      Of course there's also the tall tale of the week. This week's ‘Mitre 10 out of 10’ $100 voucher winner is from Geoff in Glenroy who made a full scale Dr Who Tardis to surprise a young boy for Xmas. Check out our Facebook and Insta pages to see pics of this amazing DIY beauty!

    • Episode 2: Light globes, tap washers and super glue

      Another packed episode from the podcast that celebrates all the great things you love about DIY. Join Shane, Steve and the Shovel as they divulge all their DIY wisdom and hilarious DIY stories.

      In this episode we hear from the boys as they share the first tool they ever purchased. We also learn a hidden secret from the Shovel that rocks Steve and Shane's DIY world. Shane announces a new segment called Right spot ... wrong solution. Steve shares his alternate use for a grease gun and the boys chat about why “the shed” is so important to their DIY success.

      We hear from a listener (and his kids) who created their own Melbourne shed orchestra and made some music in his shed with a range of tools including a ladder, phillips head screw driver, jerry can, an air compressor, drill, rake head, wire brush, 2-stroke fuel tin, various jars and glasses played with a steel straw and chopstick.

      And find out why the Shovel gets so disappointed when he can't pay more for a new DIY tool.

    • Episode 1: Look out here we come!

      In this episode we meet the team who tell us why they love DIY. The Shovel shares with us why the excuse area of his brain has grown enormously since starting his own DIY projects. We find out from Shane, Steve and The Shovel what they think is the best DIY tool.

      We also hear an epic DIY story from our weekly Mitre 10 out of 10 for effort DIY winner who shares his incredible yarn of how he was dragged into his great mate's bigger than 'Ben-Hur' DIY boat building project ... it's a classic!

      And how did WD40 actually get its name? To find out this and hear a whole lot more funny stuff from the team, listen to the podcast now.

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