Sites we like

This Old Tony

Metal fabrication and welding. Plus he’s the probably the funniest guy in Youtube DIY land.

My Mechanics

Tool restoration. Swiss guy that restores useless, rusty tools back to brand new. No talking, just working. VERY cathartic!

Marble Machine

Guy builds an all-in-one music machine in his backyard using plywood and 2000 marbles – brilliant!

Amish Sawmill

Yes, an Amish Sawmill! Utterly fascinating and definitely not what you want to watch if you’re an OH&S inspector.

There I Fixed It

This site has been around for years and has an almost inexhaustible supply of half-arsed, dodgy things people have repaired ...

How Many Days Since The Montague Street Bridge Has Been Hit?

Tracking lost fights against Melbourne's Montague Street Bridge.

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